December 3, 2013

Trend Requiem: All That Glitters... Is Gold

Welcome to our second day of guest bloggers. Today we have Taheerah Atchia ready to share her insights on gold. Welcome Taheerah!

Hi there, Moxie Fab Friends! Taheerah Atchia here with a special guest post for Moxie Fab World!

I’m always keen to see what the next big trend is going to be in paper crafting. This year has been somewhat prolific in yielding some of the most enduring and exciting trends: triangles, nautical, and neon – to name but a few! But few have captured my attention as intently as the one I speak of today.

Gold felt like one of those trends that I was just *waiting* for, for what seemed like an eternity, to have its stay. There has always been something so alluring about it that spoke to my trend-loving heart. It told me that this somewhat timeless and classic staple could be young, vibrant and new - I just knew it had to be coming. Sure enough, elements of gold began to surface and make their way out of the fashion and design industries, where so many of our trends find their first voice. Not long after this some of the trendiest designers around began incorporating gold, in various guises, into their paper crafting.

So when Cath posted the All That Glitters Is Gold Challenge I knew it was finally official – gold was here! Gold was in! It was back, and definitely here to stay! My eyes lit up reminiscent of a magpie eyeing its prize, as a glorious feast of inspiration flooded my senses. Gold was, and is, everywhere. I offer a selection of images from that original post:

Pink, Gold, & Glittery Vaentine's Party Ideas from the 100 Layer Cake
A Little Thing Called Love Art Print from Society 6
DIY Gold & Glitter Dipped Feathers from Bridal Musings

Moxie Fab World’s post really unleashed gold as a major trend in 2013, sparking 210 entries to the challenge alone! And, when considered, it is easy to see why gold is unrelenting in its ability to inspire to this day.

It is classic, timeless, refined, with an air of splendour and wonder. It evokes the feel of luxury, decadence and affluence.

Champagne Gold Flakes

It seems to partner with just about every other trend out there, with remarkable ease:

{DIY : Gilded Notebooks} via This Is Glamorous


Custom Ikat Chevron Painting on


via Tumblr

...and pairs with other colours with such ease that it could even be considered a ‘neutral’:


via Fashion Testimony


via Style Me Pretty


via L'Oréal Paris

It is still the choice for a sophisticated occasion.


German Glass Glittered Reindeer


Gold Sequin Confetti


Sophisticated Snow Card by Pistols on

And it is still plain and simple trendy:


Golden Eyelashes as seen in Tush Magazine


Gold Sequin Letter from

Of course, I just have to include a selection of trendy creations from some of my favourite designers:

Alice Wertz

Wida Miller

Danielle Flanders

Julie Ebersole

And a recent one from me too:

Taheerah Atchia

There are a plethora of products out there to bring a touch of Midas to your designs, and I’m rounding off this post with a few of my personal favourites.

The Pink Paislee Luxe Collection is the perfect place to get started, with luxurious papers, stickers, chipboard and rub-ons:

Tsukineko’s Gold Delicata Ink is the gold ink to be seen with:

Sequins add a perfect gilt accent and finishing touch. These flat sequins from Neat & Tangled and this mix from Avery Elle are particular stand-outs:

Avery Elle Gold Premium 5mm & 6mm Sequin Pack

Neat & Tangled Flat Matte Gold Sequins

For the ultimate in luxury ribbon this offering from Clear & Simple Stamps is an all-out winner:

24 Karat Gold Wired Ribbon

A great accent, whatever your style, is the Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearls Mist from Ranger:

And finally, my favourite embossing powders of them all, these two golds from WOW! are sure to dazzle:

Metallic Gold Rich Pale

Metallic Gold Rich Sparkle

It’s been a hedonistic tour of all things golden today – be sure to incorporate some glitz into your creations and indulge in giving your designs the Midas’ Touch! Happy creating, Moxie Fabbers!



keren said...

A 24 carat post! Love the inspiration you've given us- it's utterly versatile & one I've not really tapped into yet! Thanks for such a bright,shiny post; sparkly, just like you!x

Iwona Palamountain (Chupa) said...

I'm floored with this post! So meticulously done, so full of inspiration, so informative, and if wasn't enough already, it's written in the most beautiful, flowing style that made me sigh with delight. You know you rocked it, g/f!! <3

Beverley said...

Absolutely FABulous! So much wonderful inspiration and ideas - you rocked it T :) Hugs Bev x

Lisa said...

Such a fabulous display of golden prettiness!!

paperella said...

Oh, wow Taheerah! You rocked this post! Super complete! Now I want to gather all my gold supplies and fill the house with gold sparkle (that would include my dog and some gold glitter, ha!).

Miriam Prantner said...

I am fully on board the gold train, loved this post!

~amy~ said...

gotta love gold...awesomely fun post.

Marlena M. said...

Love this post...some of the pics are still embedded in my creative "thoughts".

Karin Åkesdotter said...

So inspired to use gold on my next Project! And I don't even like gold (-: ! Thanks for this post!

Jingle said...

Love it, Taheerah! And yes... you know I love gold, too! :)

joscelyne cutchens said...

love these golden choices! <3

Bridget said...

What a fabulous post, you've given a massive amount of inspiration, love it!

Amanda Coleman said...

Well done, Taheerah! Thanks for the early morning eye candy. Loving the gold!

maria f. said...

Moxie fabulously done, Taheerah. You were definitely paying attention in "class". Thanks for this lovely.

Virginia L. said...

This is a true Cath's GOLDEN post--Taheerah style! I LOVE the inspiration and thoughts that you shared and not to mention all the golden eye candy that you have in store for us today! Bravo, Taheerah!

Alice Golden said...

Great post Taheerah! I've been loving the gold trend lately (and it has nothing to do with my last name lol).

Kate said...

Great post ... im in need of a gold fix lol.
Kate xx

lenny said...

What a great post!!!
I think I need that Delicata pigment ink ... :)

My Paper Epiphany said...

So well done! You've got me inspired all over again ! Fantastic post!

My Paper Epiphany said...

So well done! You've got me inspired all over again ! Fantastic post!

Linda said...

Just think of all of the trends Cath identified in her ode to gold! Feathers, chevrons and sequins to name a few. Oh, how I miss her Moxie Fab inspiration!

Sharon said...

Wow! Great products with tons of potential!

Alice Wertz said...

what a beautiful and inspiring post, Taheerah!! i enjoyed all the pretty photos and you have inspired me to get out all things gold in my stash and create!! Thanks so much for the awesome post and for featuring my card!! =)

Krista W said...

I am happy to see new posts on the blog and all the love for Cath and her vision for trends, but it bothers me that if Cath is no longer writing the blog that her picture is in the sidebar and the entries say 'Posted by Cath'. What gives?

Trinh said...

Moxie fab post! I want to buy all things gold after this inspiring post.

Danielle said...

What a great post!! So inspirational! And thank you for featuring my cards :)

Helen F. said...

Beautifully written post, Taheerah!
These gold inspired photos have me pulling out the glitter, pens, ink and paints ~ all gold, of course ;-)

Lyndal said...

FAB post Taheerah!!! Solid GOLD!

Leigh Penner said...

Fabulous post, T.! I have been loving this gold trend and hope it's not going anywhere soon!

jintyoo7 said...

Absolutely decadent - LOVE it all :) Thank you, Miss Taheerah :)

Kelly Griglione said...

When I saw the guest blogger was Taheerah, I knew I should settle in and prepare to be inspired. And I was 100% correct. What a wonderful collection of glittery gold designs, including many things from outside the card-making world. Love!!

Amber Sheaves said...

I have never been a fan of gold. It just never suited me. Until a few months ago. Now I'm crazy for it!

donna mikasa said...

Dazzling post, Taheerah!

Jennifer Jackson said...

Awesome inspiration! I loved all the fun images of cards and the gold trend (can I just say that now I want that awesome nail polish?) thanks for sharing... Off to add some gold bling to my next card!

Jennifer said...

Your gold inspiration is incredible! Simply beautiful.

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