April 11, 2012

Oh My Moxie Fab!

"C" is for crabapple,



Barb said...

I have a crabapple tree and I am just hoping the last two nights of freezing temps have not killed the pretty pink buds. LOVE THE SMELL! I actually stop, dead in my tracks, when mowing the grass under my tree so I can take a whiff! :)

Auntie Em said...

A while yet for our neck of the woods but is there anything as nice as spring time bouquet of apple blossoms and lilacs? Heavenly! :)

Lin said...

We have one in our yard too, and it's in dark pink bud right now.....I'm praying the same as Barb that the cold that's returned doesn't hurt it or my precious lilacs. Love this wonderful close-up!

Robin K. said...

I'm with Barb and Lin - hoping the cold nights we've been having in upstate NY don't harm the buds on our flowering trees!!!

Tracey said...

Oh YES I ideas are flying!! Thanks for a chance to win :)

Becky Green said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the contrast of the yellow stemens on the white!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! :)

Helen F. said...

How amazing!!
Did I see these beautiful flowing trees while in NE last week? Do you have any on your property, Cath?

ThePurplePlace said...

I love this time of year when everything is coming back to life. Seeing the flowers start to pop and the leaves budding on the trees!

Spring is so pretty and this picture is a perfect example!! Love the fruit trees in bloom!!!

Cindy C. said...

This lovely image took my breath away!

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