December 31, 2010

Countdown to 2011: Vote for Your Favorite Moxie Fab World Blog Banner!

I just LOVE this part of our Countdown Week, friends. My co-worker and good friend, Matt Anderson, and I have a TON of fun collaborating on the Moxie Fab World banners. And I don't know about you, but I forget about them over time, so it's supah fun to review them at the end of each year, dontchatink?

Here they are, the 2010 banners in all their moxie fab glory!













Don't wear out your scroll bar, now, but do try to narrow it down to your top 3! You can find the poll in the upper right hand corner of this blog's sidebar.

Ready? Set! Vote!


PS As 2010 comes to a close, I offer my heartfelt wish for a happy and safe New Year's celebration, and a healthy, prosperous, and most moxie fab 2011! See you next year, Moxie Fabbers!

PPS This is the last weekend to work on your entries to the Glitter is Glam challenge. I can't WAIT to see you there! :)

December 30, 2010

Countdown to 2011: The Top 10 Trends of 2010 in the Moxie Fab World

Oh yes, friends. Now is the time when we take a nostalgic look back on 2010 and identify the top ten predominant trends. Since the Moxie Fab World is all about incorporating trends into paper crafted projects, this is one of my favorite tasks of the entire year. Look how much fun we've had exploring these ten moxie fab and oh-so-fashionable yummies!

On January 21, we channeled our inner sassy as we emulated the work of stationery genious Anne Taintor. Here we paired readlily available vintage images of women with sassy sentiments, affectionately calling the collaboration "Taintor-tude."

Dani Holland was one of five who rocked the challenge with her Oops! card:

On March 4, we jumped into one of the most explosive trends of 2010, doilies and lace, which, in my opinion, is part of a larger, over-riding trend that we might call homespun.

The challenge that went with this trend was very popular, but Carolyn King's Blessings card was one of my favorites.

On April 29 we gave Three Cheers for Chairs:

This was another popular challenge, perhaps due to the plethora of chairs in paper crafting product. I loved this challenge-winner by Lucy Abrams because of its trendy design and its punny sentiment:

In the June 3 edition of Moxie Talk, Go-to Gal Maren Benedict called out another homespun trend, crochet:

 ...and gave us a moxie fab example of how to incorporate that trend into a paper crafted project:

On June 10, we hopped on our bikes for a whirlwind tour of their trendy goodness:

And Cindy Holshouser sweetened the deal with her challenge-winning delight:

 On July 22 we explored the trendy world of peace signs:

...and this moxie fab challenge-winning card by Clouds Shadler made me grin from ear-to-ear:

On September 9 we explored one of the trendiest patterns of the year, offset scallops: which the challenge inspired many amazing creations, including this lovely by Mary Dawn Quirindongo:

On October 28, we jumped on another trendy pattern, damask:

...and Gayatri wowed us with her challenge-winning card, Celebrate Today:

On November 11, I introduced you to one of the zaniest trends of the year, zippers:

..and while the challenge was just that, challenging, Karolyn Loncon came through with this supah fun project that incorporates zippers in a really creative way:

And last but not least, on November 24, in yet another edition of Moxie Talk, Go-to Gal Jessica Witty called out another homespun trend, cross-stitch:

..and offered this amazing, and easy-to-reproduce project that "stitched" it all together:

Whaddayatink? Did you enjoy the trends of 2010 as much as the trends of 2009? Less? More? I think it's always fun to compare!

Now, before you go, be sure and vote for your top 3 favorite trends in our poll at the top right hand corner of this blog's sidebar by midnight tonight. I'll publish the results on New Year's Day!

Tomorrow...the 2010 Moxie Fab World blog banners! Be sure to stop by so you can cast your vote!

I just love to talk trends,


December 29, 2010

Countdown to 2011: My Favorite Blog Posts of 2010

Are you enjoying our Countdown to 2011, friends? I know I've had a GREAT time looking through the posts of the past year. What I love about blogs is that there is a day-to-day record of our experiences and we can visit them any ol' time we want! So very cool!

For today's post in this, our annual week-long celebration, I've gone through the entire year of posts to determine my Top 10 Favies. I've debated and discussed, narrowed and negotiated, and whittled and whattled until my list was not 'round abouts 25, but ten, just ten.

So without further ado, here they are, my Top 10 Favorite Posts out of the 316 that were written in 2010:

For its homage to the wonderful relationships that I've forged in this industry, the It's So Not Just About the Product post at the end of CHA Week on January 29.

For a particularly pensive afternoon in which I was reflecting on what the term moxie fab really means to me, the Embrace the Moxie Fab post on February 10.

On March 31, I had a ton of fun looking through a year-old Card Creations issue and calling out the Trendy Elements that Endure in this edition of Trend Talk.

I'm not gonna lie, I do think that in my heart of hearts, my favorite posts to put together are in our weekly feature, Five for Friday. I love to put images together with words to evoke certain emotions, moods, or visual tapestries, such as the one I put together on June 4, Five (x5) for Friday: I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.

Something else I've noticed--I tend to be drawn to the posts that deal with "stuff" that's going on in my personal life. In August, I traveled from Salt Lake City, Utah to Toronto, Ontario with my oldest daughter to settle her in to graduate school. She was there for just two months, having discovered that the program she  had applied for no longer existed, and she cut her losses, came home, and has now embarked upon a new path. It turned out to be one of those big life lessons, and I find that when I reread the Five (x4 for Friday: The Road Less Traveled post I published on August 27, it means even more to me now than it did at the time.

Even more, I just loved all the comments that everyone left. I think that it's that discussion about heartfelt topics here in the Moxie Fab World that I find to be the most rewarding of all.

On October 8 I waxed poetic about the color orange. I don't know what it was, the images that I found, or the adjectives that I pulled out of some magical hat, or the way it all came together, but I had one heckuva good time putting the Orange, You Are... post together.

(I know, I know. Anyone who gets such a kick out of putting words and images together as much as I do has GOT to be certifiable!)

And how much fun was the Hello from Hedgehog Heaven post on November 5 (inspired by Brillo, the quaint and oh-so-lovable pet of my moxie fab co-worker, Holly Mills)?

(I will admit to the shameless grabbing of any and all possible opportunities to show this cutie-pie of a face!)

As most of you know, my husband and I are in transition after a cross-country move from Utah to New Hamphsire. By November 19, our house had sold and we would be leaving our home of 15 years in just a couple of weeks. This post, Five (x3) for Friday: Paying Homage to Home is yet another example of my putting words and images to something I was experiencing, and it did, indeed, help me to clarify my feelings through words paired with images.

Always up for a good laugh, I just loved the way Paper Crafts Go-to Gal Teri Anderson called out the trend of bacon (of all things), and found a brilliant way to tie it in to a paper crafted project. If you haven't done so already, make sure you check out December 16's hilarious Moxie Talk: Go-to Gal Teri Anderson is Taken with Bacon post.

And last but certainly not least, my Christmas card to you, the Five (x11) for Friday: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore post. It took hours and hours to put together, but every bit of it was done with a smile on my face and with a whole lotta love in my heart.

So there you have it, friends, my personal favorite posts from 2010. Now's your chance to vote for your favies. Make sure you vote for your top 3 in our poll located in the upper right hand corner of this blog. Which did you vote for? Do you have a favorite that's not represented here? Let me know which and why, and since we haven't had any giveaways yet this week, what say we do one today. Answer any and all of these questions by midnight EST on Sunday, January 2 and I'll draw one random winner to receive something yummy from my moxie magical prize drawer!

Sending you hugs and loves every day of the year,


PS Got some crafty time on your hands? Join us for our weekly Tuesday Trigger and  for our current Moxie Fab World Challenge,Glitter is Glam!

December 28, 2010

Countdown to 2011: The Trendiest Challenge-Winning Projects of 2010

19 Moxie Fab World challenges, 124 winners, and 3,302 entries. I think it's safe to say that we're having a whole lotta fun here in the Moxie Fab World, wouldn't you my moxie fab friends?

We've covered a lot of trendy territory this year, from promotional week challenges to zippers to damask to bicycles to doilies and lace. If it's trendy, we've explored it here in the Moxie Fab World! The cool thing for me is that, in my effort to inspire you, all y'all always, without fail, end up inspiring me even more in return. That's one of the biggest kicks I get out of the time that I spend here in the Moxie Fab World--the amazing ways in which you Moxie Fabbers are making my jaw drop clean off of its bone.

And while there are 124 amazing challenge-winning projects in 2010, I've agonizingly narrowed it down to the triple "T": Top Ten Trendiest. Check it:

These are my 10 favies, friends. How 'bout you narrow these down to your top 3? On the top of this blog in the right-hand sidebar is a list of all ten cards. Vote for your top 3 and I'll publish the results on New Year's Day!

Three cheers for the Triple T!


PS Did you know? There's a call for submissions from Paper Crafts magazine! Click HERE for all you'll need to know to submit a project (or two!) to our July/August 2011 issue! It's time to think SUMMER!

PPS This is the third post of the day! Scroll up to see our weekly Winnerday! post and another post in our Countdown to 2011: The Tuesday Triggers of 2010!

PPSS Just one more and I promise to send you on your way, but I absolutely COULD NOT let you go without letting you know that Paper Crafts magazine is sending 2010 out with a colorful bang! That's right, our uber moxie fab moxie most special issue, Color Inspiration for Card Makers goes on sale TODAY! And I tell you honestly, in the 5 1/2 years that I've been working for Paper Crafts, this one is my absolute favie. Promotional week extravaganza coming to a blog near you on January 10!