July 31, 2009

Five for Friday: What I Love About CHA

...meeting with manufacturers like Angela from Unity Stamp Company:

...meeting designers like Angie Hagist for the very first time:

...seeing Paper Crafts Go-to Gals Maren Benedict and Jessica Witty for the first time since the Big Reveal:

Maren & Cath

Susan & Jessica
...laughing with work peeps until my gut aches:

Left to right: Michelle Thorpe, Susan R. Opel, Lori Fairbanks, Barb Tanner, me, Megan Hoeppner

...and seeing moxie fab product and projects inspiring me beyond my wildest dreams:

Stay tuned next week, friends! There's lots o' CHA fun to come! In the meantime, have a moxie fab weekend! I'm sure planning on it, hope you are, too!

Loving my job so much,


July 29, 2009

Editor's Choice: Flower Power with Brandy Jesperson

Hello! I’m thrilled to be back chatting with ya’ll today. Have you been enjoying your summer? I know I sure have. For me, it’s summertime and everything’s coming up rosy! The roses in my backyard are looking as lovely as ever. I’m equal parts thrilled by their beauty AND the fact that I’ve managed to keep them alive for over a year! Luckily, my yard isn’t the only place I’m spotting big, beautiful flowers. No sir-ree. I’m seeing dimensional blooms with touchable textures sprouting up everywhere from home d├ęcor to fashion to paper crafting.

Pier 1 Imports is right on trend with this red roses pillow adorned with silky ribbon and fabric. It’s like a little garden you can rest your head on and you never have to water! If that’s all it really took to have a green thumb I’d be an expert by now!

I found these simply beautiful tissue paper flowers on the Zaaka Life blog. I can see a plethora of uses for these little blossoms. You could adhere them to twigs for a sweet centerpiece, or hang them from the ceiling with clear thread to create a petal perfect dreamland (I think I’m leaning towards option number two for my home sweet home).

Are you the hostess with the mostest? Your guests will love the summery touch these sunflower napkin rings from Pottery Barn bring to your table. Plus, they’re a great way to dress up simple white napkins whether they’re made of cloth or paper.

When it comes to fashion, Anthropologie is always on the cutting edge of style which means it should be no surprise that even they have gotten in on the act. Don’t you just adore these statement necklaces complete with their touchable-y soft chiffon and cotton voile flower details? I’ll take two of each, please.

I’ve even spotted fabulous flowers for the munchkins. Silk flower headbands like this one from the Pink Peppermint Design etsy shop can be defined with one word: darling. In fact, I like this bloomin’ headband so much I’d wear it myself!
Gwen Stefani and Nordstrom has even paired up to add a bit of floral fantasy to your feet. These fabulous L.A.M.B. sandals are made complete with a leather rosette that makes me absolutely giddy! Note to self: Only wear these sky high shoes on minimal walking days!

When I think of paper crafting and flowers I automatically think of Prima. Their latest assortment of layered flowers literally took my breath away! I’d give them 20 out of 10 on the coolness chart. Yep, you read that right…I’m in love.

Pink Paislee’s tea-dyed fabric flowers leave me itching to go create something surprisingly shabby. I’m in awe of the way they’ve modernized tea-dyed fabric by transforming it into layered strips that are all happily buttoned up into one beautiful blossom.

Even Sassafras Lass has added its unique touch to these hand stitched and layered flowers. These gems certainly give a whole new meaning to “Flower Power.” The playful buttons and shaped rhinestones are simply gem-tastic!

So don’t let the last few weeks of summer pass you by without taking some time to stop and smell the flowers. No matter where you look I’m confident you’ll find beautiful blossoms to brighten your mood, your home, your outfit, and your paper crafts.
And since I can’t blog without giving away a prize I have an assortment of blossoms just for you! Please leave me a comment by midnight MDT on Sunday, August 2 telling me how you incorporate flowers into your life and you’ll be automatically entered to win flowers from Prima, American Crafts, and Gimme Clips.

Seeing life through rose colored glasses,

Brandy Jesperson
Managing Editor, Paper Crafts magazine

July 28, 2009

Blog Bop: The New Go-to Gals from Paper Crafts Magazine

In the off-chance that you've been under a rock the last 3 weeks, I wanted to let you know that Paper Crafts magazine has just revealed its six new Go-to Gals!

If you've been hanging out over at the Paper Crafts Connection--which, by the way, I highly recommend--this does not come as news to you.

But I wasn't ready for the party to end, which should come as no surprise to those who know me well. I never really want the party to end...ever.

Besides, I've been itching to do another Blog Bop, and thought this would be a great way for you to get to know the work of these amazing ladies now that they've finally been revealed. Yep, we've all had to keep their names a secret since way back in March, which has not been easy by any s-t-r-e-t-c-h of the imagination, nosirreebobbaloo.

So, unbeknownst to them, I bopped around the blogs of these amazingly talented ladies and plucked up some inspiring images just for you. Let's get to know them better, stop-by-stop, shall we?

First stop on the blog bop: Teri Anderson

Love Your Face Card

Graphic Hi Card

Moxie Fab Alert: Teri's style is clean, bold, and graphic. She has a keen eye for color, an amazing sense of humor, and there's not a single technique she hasn't tried--she's even invented a few herself.

Next on the bop: Betsy Veldman

Girl Talk Card

Fab Friend Card

Moxie Fab Alert: Betsy has a funky chic style, and though she does shabby, vintage, and elegant equally well, she gives them all the Betsy Twist. There's always something a little surprising in her projects that gives me a little "perk" whenever I see them.

Bop Stop #3: Kim Hughes

Moxy Layout

Follow Your Heart Card

Moxie Fab Alert: Though when pressed to define her style Kim says she's fun and cute, I know from experience that she can do any style under the sun. Around our parts she's beloved for her shaped cards (check out the cover of our September/October issue) and sentiment typography, but really, Kim's an all-around card maker no matter how you slice it. PLUS, she has a doxy named Moxy!

Our next bop around: Jessica Witty

Eat Cake Card

Eat Cake Envelope

Little Sailor Card

Moxie Fab Alert: Jessica is first and foremost a stamper. What I love most about her style is how clean it is. There's nothing fussy about Jessica's projects, and she clearly understands the mantra "less is more."

Next on the bop-around: Maren Benedict

Life is Beautiful Card

Summer Card

Moxie Fab Alert: What can I say but Maren's cards just make me smile. She has an uncanny way of capturing pure joy on a cardfront through her simple treatment of sentiments and her keen eye for flow of design.

Final stop on the blog bop: Kim Kesti

Birdie Birthday Card

Bananas Card

Moxie Fab Alert: Kim does trendy funk better than anyone I know. Her designs are daring and bold with an attention to bright color that makes me swoon. Life getting you down? Just look at a Kim Kesti card and you will immediately feel lighter than air.

So how's that for a blog bop? If you haven't already, bookmark their blogs, for not only will you find yourself inspired beyond your wildest dreams, you're also going to make some new friends.

Right to left, top to bottom (click on their names to learn more about them): Maren, Betsy, Jessica, Teri, Kim H., Kim K.

I know I have.

Yours in welcoming the Go-to Gals,


PS In celebration of the fact that it's CHA week, leave a comment about today's post by midnight MDT on Sunday, August 2 and I'll draw a random winner to receive a moxie fab prize!

Winning Winners!

Are you a winner? Check it:

The winners of the Darcey collection from Anna Griffin from last week's Moxie Monday are:

tiffguam who said...
WOW! These are so bold and bright! I think I like the green and yellow the most :) They're so mod! I have a feeling straight bangs and tailored clothes are going to be back soon!

and Jeneen Lloyd who said...
I think the reason why I really love these is because the whole time I was looking I was thinking you were going to ask what was my fav and why? I really love them all. I don't think I wouldn't have any problem using all these papers I like them all so much. I am glad you didn't ask for my fav. Just don't know....

The lucky winner of last week's Five for Friday is:

Erika M. who said...
I'm really loving Maren's card Simply Shining - I love the house shape and the fact that she used a Unity stamp. All of the cards are fabulous and I'm never disappointed by the wonderful inspiration that I find here and in your magazines.

Ladies, send your addresses with the prize you won in the subject line to me at cedvalson@ckmedia.com and I'll make sure you get it!

Congrats and have a good day everyone!


July 27, 2009

Moxie Monday: Gypsy Market from 7gypsies

Good morning, friends! As you're reading this I'm in the air on my long way from Salt Lake City to Orlando for Summer CHA with my dear friend and fellow Paper Crafts editor, Susan R. Opel. I hope we're having a good time, that our flights are going well, and that we're able to chillax a little before stepping onto the show floor tomorrow morning to be delighted with so much new product!

And just when you thought I'd run out of goodies to show you from CHA Winter, I actually saved one of my all-time favies for this proverbial last look, friends. I don't know if you remember this post, but I've been a fan of the Gypsy Market line from 7gypsies from the first moment I laid eyes on it.

What do I love the most about these papers? I love that they combine Asian themes and colors with Victorian patterns creating what I like to call a "Victoriental" look. Out of the box and moxie fab? Quite!

The images you see here don't really do the line justice though, friends, for each paper is just deliciously layered. I don't know when I've seen a paper line that has so much depth! Check it:










Jai (flocked)


Beti (flocked)


Lei (flocked)

Tobar (flocked)

Oh my beautiful! Aren't these just the most stunning papers you've seen in a while? I just can't wait to see what they come up with next! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this line, and to thank you for taking the time to comment, I've got two sets for two random winners! Leave your thought by midnight MDT on Sunday, August 2 and you might be one of the lucky ladies luxuriating in the luscious lavishness of this line! :)

Sending you love from the air,


July 24, 2009

Five (x2) for Friday: Check Out These Beauts from Our Sept/Oct Issue!

It's Ferrrr-i-daaaaaay!

Doin' the Wooty Woot Woot Dance over here. Not sure what that looks like, exactly, but it feels a little like the hips are a-wigglin', the shoulders are a-jivin', and there's a smile on my face about a mile wide.

And guess what? For me, it's not just the Friday at the end of a long work week. It's also the Friday before I get to get on an airplane with my girlfriend Susan R. Opel, destination: CHA!

OMG! Can you imagine the excitement that I feel just as I'm about to step onto the showroom floor? I mean, you've known me for a while now. You've seen how crazy ecstatic I get about cool/beautiful/funky/amazing/whimsical/sweet/bold/andotherwiseinspiring pieces of paper. I know, right?

It's pretty much the same way I feel when I open a Paper Crafts magazine for the very first time. All the idea-gathering. All the fomenting. All the conceptualizing. All the planning. All that arranging of projects and product. All that coordination, collaboration, and general pulling-it-together as a team.

And then, one day, seven long months after it was conceived, it arrives. There's a collective burst of excitement as Brenda, our editorial assistant, doles them out to one editor after another. Pretty much all work ceases. We pore over each page, seeing it for the first time as a cohesive whole, not as "chapters" at first-proofs, not as sections or images or articles or pieces, but as a bonafide magazine with a cover and a binding and a masthead with our names on it and articles with our photos.

So, you can imagine how excited I am today to show you sneak peeks of our September/October 2009 issue that goes on sale on Tuesday! I just can't WAIT to show you some of the coolest projects of the bunch!

Are you ready? I'm so on it!

Circle Graphic Thanks Card by Kimberly Crawford, p. 51

Simply Shine Card by Maren Benedict, p. 74

Trick or Treat Owl Card by Roree Rumph, p. 38

Everyone Card by Melissa Phillips, p. 59

G Thanks Card by Heidi Van Laar, p. 49

Treasure Card by Melanie Douthit, p. 64

Thanks You Dots Card by Angie Hagist, p. 56

Batty Card by Anabelle O'Malley, p. 43

Fancy a Chat? Card by Erin Lincoln, p. 69

Stay Tuned Card by Teri Anderson, p. 72

And this is just the tip of the proverbial iceburg, my friends. For more, click here to subscribe or visit your favorite LSS, friendly neighborhood grocery store, or other crafty-magazine-selling venue. :)

I'm so excited, I'd just love to give away a prize today. Let me know which project you like the best and why by midnight MDT on Sunday, July 26 and I'll rustle up some love to send to one lucky winner!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone! And rest assured, I've got you completely taken care of next week while I'm at the show, so be sure and, ahem, "stay tuned," and I absolute PROMISE to gather the very best of the best to share with you in the pages of Paper Crafts magazine and right here in the Moxie Fab World for the weeks and months to come!

So glad you are my friend,