December 8, 2009

Tuesday Trigger: Inspiration on a Platter

It's Tuesday Trigger time! Are you so ready? I'm so ready--in spite of the fact that it's a freakishly busy time of year! I know, right? I hope that you are able to set aside some time to play along this week!

Carolyn King sure has! Take it away, Carolyn!

I received a catalogue from Crate & Barrel last week and this adorable platter was on the cover:

I just love the whimsical design!

I've had the catalog sitting on my desk ever since and thought it would make an adorable card but never got around to making it. Today, while cleaning out some stamps, I came across this darling moose stamp designed by Kim Hughes and I KNEW I had to try to make something similar.

Merry Christmoose Card

Super cute, yes? I can't wait to see what you do with this--and I can't wait for you to see how trendy Carolyn's trigger is--but you're going to have to wait until Thursday for further discussion. *Wink*.

Before I go, I wanted to say how much all y'all blew me away with your approaches to last week's Double-the-Fun Trigger by Tanis Giesbrecht and Suzanne Czosek! As a result, I've got a bunch of Trigger Targets for you today: Tracy, Karla Kroese, Jacqueline, Lin B, Regan d'Agostino, Lynn, SmilynStef, Lisa Forsythe, and Winter Sims. Good job, gals!

Thanks to everyone who played! Oh, and by the way, I often write the Tuesday Trigger blog posts early on Monday mornings, so if you want to be considered a Trigger Target, I would suggest that you link up by Sunday evening. Or, you can not worry about it and play for the fun of it and share your target project for the pure, simple joy of it all! :)

I'll be back tomorrow for the winners of the Christmas in the Old Country Challenge! I just can't wait! Howboutchoo?

Triggerin' it out,


PS Would you like your creation to be featured as a Tuesday Trigger? I'd love to see your seasonal inspirations! And how 'bout we shake things up a bit and go for some non-traditional Season's Greetings color combos in next week's trigger? We've done red and white, and today we threw some green in, so what say we go for something really outrageous next week? I can't wait to see what you come up with! Send your ideas my way at Click here for all the details you'll need (scroll down to the bottom of the post.)


Carolyn King said... fun! Thanks Cath! I think I *need* that platter now!

lynn said...

so trigger is so sweet-thanks carolyn! thanks for my highlight, cath!

Bastelfrosch said...

WOW, a nut cracker of your site. I live in Seiffen in Erzgebirge.I work every day with nut crackers, produce them in the factory.

Tenia Nelson said...

Awesome trigger this week!! Congrats to the ladies that were trigger worthy last week....awesome projects!!

Sylvia said...

I did not see the comment section last week! Thanks Carolyn for the great Trigger platter! An awesome challenge already!

Karen Motz said...

What a fun trigger...I couldn't resist these colours.

"Divine" Hand said...

that is the most ADORABLE stamp that I have ever seen!!!

Deanna said...

I cant believe I missed the deadline on this... poo!

Anywhoodles, I posted may card! :)