December 5, 2014

It's a Moxie Fab World

Hello, Moxie Fabbers!
Today marks my final post on Moxie Fab World.
As you might have heard, Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking magazine is ceasing publication with the February issue. 
The magazine is responsible for bringing Moxie Fab World to you for six wonderful years. My dear friend, Cath, wrote here for the first five years. I've had the honor of keeping the party alive, continuing on with Cath's vision but also taking things in a slightly different direction this last year.
I have to tell you guys that writing this post is one of the hardest things I've ever written. 
Here's the deal, guys: I've truly enjoyed every single moment here with each of you.
The challenges.
The trend watching.
The shout-outs. 
The font sharing.
The kind words.
Yep. Pretty much everything. 
OK. There was that one time. JUST KIDDING! 
Being here is like the coolest thing ever to be part of. That's because Moxie Fab World is something that celebrates the community of crafting and making stuff. 
I just dig that. So I can't help but feel a little sad that this is my last post here. 
And even though this might seem like the end of an era to you, it's really not. 
It's just a new beginning. That's what I like to believe.
One more thing.
Before I go, I want to leave you with these words, my Moxie Fab friends.
Remember to create. 
Do it often.
And share.
Inspire each other. 
And most importantly, be kind and supportive to each other. Keep building each other up.
It really truly is a Moxie Fab World.

Hugs and happy thoughts to each of you,

PS. Let's stay connected. You'll continue to find me on Pinterest. And I'll keep on posting over on my  own blog. And I'll still be out and about, checking your blogs and Pinterest pages!

December 4, 2014

The Winners of the Tree-mendous Tree Challenge

And boom!
Just like that it's time to end the Tree-mendous Trees Challenge.
A whopping 92 of you knocked my socks off with some totally awesome tree-inspired projects. Thank you to all of you for playing along and sharing your work! You guys rock!
So let's name some winners.
Drumroll, please.

Tags turned into a tree? Totally awesome. That's what I saying! Totally clever too! Way to go, Kelly!
Be sure to check out Kelly's post to see an amazing piece of home decor she made as well! 

Take a little gold. Add a little splatter. Then add a little extra shimmer with sequins and a golden star. You'll get a rockstar card like this one from Tenia! High 5, Tenia!

Why does this card rock? Simple! It's a clean and graphic card (and a totally cute card) that packs a lot of punch, showing just the tip of a holiday tree. And I sure dig Jen's placement of the sentiment. It enhances the tree rather than takes attention away from it. Great job, Jen!

Would you look at those trees? Stylish and sophisticated with a touch of gold on each one. And, gosh, what a fun idea for a gift bag! Way to go, Naomi!

These little trees just plain rock! Look at all the different materials Linsey combined to make them. Such a lovely mixture of elements. And I imagine these little trees could be hung on tree, tied onto a package or even used to decorate a card or scrapbook page. Nicely done, Linsey!

Congrats to all the winners! Winners, I've sent you an email about your prize!

While I could only name five winners, I'd like to send some Moxie Fab World shout-outs to these fine folks:

Way to go, everyone!

Feeling like making a tree card,

December 3, 2014

Fun Finds on... Wednesday

Hello all!
Let's shake things up this week with a few fun finds on Wednesday!
Can you handle it?  Hope so.
Let's do this.

Fun Find #1
Is this tag cute or what? LO.V.E. it, Audrey Tokach! Love it.

Fun Find #2
Speaking of tags, have you check out Tracey McNeely's blog? She just wrapped her annual 25 Days of Christmas Tags event. So many awesome tags were shared (including Audrey's) over 25 days. It's worth stopping by Tracey's blog and taking a look! Lots and lots of inspiration.

Fun Find #3
Want to see a card that is nothing short of amazing? Run (don't walk) to this post on the Winnie & Walter blog and check out the Christmas card Heather Pulvirenti shared. Here's a peek.

Just you wait. It is amazing. Well done, Heather!

Fun Find #4
And speaking of cool cards, check out this one Karolyn Loncon shared over on the Avery Elle blog. Yes, I am totally crushing over it.

By the way, be sure to check out the post that Karolyn's card was featured in. There's two more cards from two more talented crafters.

Fun Find #5
Like to see where other folks make stuff? Quick. Go check out this post on Christine Traversa's blog for a tour of her craft room.

Looks like such a cheery place to create! You'll see lots more pictures on Christine's post. 

Fun Find #6
Speaking of cheerful spaces to craft, you're going to want to check this post from Heather Ruwe on her blog. Her creative space is nothing short of amazing! 

You'll find lots more photos (and a video) on Heather's post! Love it, Heather!

And that's a wrap for this installment of Fun Finds!

Have a great day,

December 2, 2014

Oh My Moxie Fab!

Life. It's all a balancing act.
Do it with a smile (... and maybe with a bird on your head).


December 1, 2014

Trend Talk: Eyeballs

Here's a trend I've been watching lately: Eyeballs.
Yes, friends, you read that right.
Eyeballs. I am talking about eyeballs as a trend. 
No. Seriously. For real.
Check this out.

Eyeballs are showing up on sweaters.

(Cardigan - Source)

(Sweater - Source)

They are appearing on pants.

(Pants - Source)

"Eye" see. "Eye" see.

They are even on T-shirts.

(T-shirt - Source)

They are on shoes.

(Shoes - Source)

They are on bags.

(Bag - Source)

You know what they say about eyes. They hold your secrets.

They are on scarves.

(Scarf - Source)

Careful. I've got my eye on you.

They appear on pillows.

(Pillow - Source)

Coffee cups, too.

(Mug - Source)

(Mug - Source)

I could swear someone is watching me.

Eyeballs are hanging on walls.
(Dreamcatcher - Source)

They are even storing things.
(Wood Storage Containers - Source)

Yes, friends. Eyeballs. I'm talking about eyeballs today.
And this is a trend that... well... I'm going to keep watching and see where it goes.

Good to see you all today,

Ps. Who scored the Starbucks gift card mentioned in this post here? That would be SouthernMrs. Congrats! Please drop me an email at teriishereATgmailDOTcom by Monday, Dec. 8th. Please include the phrase "MFW Winner" in the subject line.

November 28, 2014

The Tree-mendous Tree Challenge is still on!

Open. Open. Open.
Oh wait! It's more like this.
Hurry. Hurry. Hurry.
The Tree-mendous Tree Challenge is still happening. You have until midnight EST on Sunday to make a tree-themed project and link it up to the challenge.
Wanting a little more inspiration? Here are a few more super cool holiday trees.

(Wooden Tree - Source)

(Tree tapestry - Source)

(Motherboard tree - Source)

For all the challenge details and to link up to the challenge, go to this link.

Hooray for challenges,

PS. Looking for a Black Friday deal on crafty things?
Here are a few I found:

November 27, 2014

Thankful for...

Hi there, Moxie Fabbers!

(Supplies: Thankful Thoughts stamp set from My Favorite Things; Circle punch;

So much to to be thankful for today:
  • paper crafting and scrapbooking
  • puppy kisses
  • a cozy, warm home
  • bubblegum and ice cream
  • Fridays, sweet Fridays
  • John Mayer music (Keeping it real, people. Keeping it real. Wink!)
  • family
  • good friends
  • this wonderful Moxie Fab World thing we have going on
Wishing all of you in the United States a happy Thanksgiving. And wishing all of you elsewhere a wonderful Thursday!

Make it a good day,

November 26, 2014

One Moxie Fab Card!

On your mark.
Get set.
Get ready to cheer!
Here's a card from the December issue of Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking that is... well... awesome!

Lanterns & Light Card by Deepti  Malik

Those lanterns. Those words. That light. 
Nicely done, Deepti!

You'll find the December issue on sale right here.

Wishing you a good day,

November 25, 2014

Oh My Moxie Fab!

What a bunch of characters!

Sending warm thoughts your way today,

November 24, 2014

I'm Just Sayin'...

Have you been to Starbucks lately?
Whether or not you are a coffee (or tea) drinker, it's worth checking out their mug collection. It's a visual cornucopia of trendy goodness.

There's brush lettering.
And there's even a little confetti.

There's gold.

And more gold.

There's watercolor.

There's geometrics. 

There's owls.

And there's mustaches.

And there are eyeballs. Lots of eyeballs.

And there's plaid.

There is even polka dots.

Hearts and stars too.

Talk about a cuppa fun!
And how about a little more cuppa fun? Tell me your favorite mug. I'll pick one of you to score a $5 gift card from Starbucks. Just leave your comment on this post by midnight EST on midnight EST on Friday, Nov. 28th. The lucky winner will be announced on Monday, Dec. 1st.