April 18, 2014

Fun Finds on Friday

Friday again. 
Gosh, how I love Fridays.
This girl has a few things going on this weekend: A couple "slow but steady" 5K runs/walks; a pile of craft projects to complete and a nice Easter dinner with my family .
How about you? Any big plans?
And how about we get the weekend started with some Fun Finds?

Fun Find #1
Looking for a way to get a little extra mileage out of the steel dies you use for your paper crafting and scrapbooking projects?
Don't miss this fun tutorial from Go-to Gal Kimberly Crawford. She'll show you how she used craft foam to make stamps using these flower dies.

It's pretty cool! And just you wait until you see the card she made. It's pretty terrific too. Go here. Now. Fast. (Wink!) 

Fun Find #2
I think this card by Jaclyn Miller is ... well... awesome.

From the stars to the words she used to the design, it's fun! 
By the way, be sure to to take a look at Jaclyn's blog and leave her a little love. Jaclyn is a real master at making graphic cards that are super interesting to look at. You'll her blog here.

Fun Find #3
Are you a digital die-cutter? Don't miss out on these fun cut files from Traci Reed!

Imagine using them in a pocket style scrapbook page or even on a traditional scrapbook page. Card maker? They'd look pretty good on cards too! Head on over to Traci's site for the free download. Free is good. 

Fun Find #4
Looking for a quick Easter gift? Take a cue from Lil' Luna and fill a canning jar with Easter treats, tie on some trim and add an Easter label to it. You'll end up with the perfect gift!

Go to this post on Lil' Luna and you'll find a couple free Printable labels to use on your jar as well as the how-to.

Fun Find #5
Have you seen this Stuck on You! stamp set from Avocado Arts? 

Yes. I'm a fan. It just feels like the perfect stamp set for this time of year.
Want to win it? Here's your chance! Just leave a comment on this post by midnight on Monday, April 21st. Be sure to tell me your favorite kind of ice cream. I'll pick of one to win the stamp set.

Fridays rock,

April 17, 2014

Oh My Moxie Fab!

What a lovely sight,

April 16, 2014

Winners of the Styling with Stencils Challenge

And ta-da!
Just like that the time has come to officially end the Styling with Stencils Challenge.
This Moxie Fabber can not tell a lie. It makes me a little bit sad because (... good golly...) you all have been so busy making really cool things with stencils! In fact, there were a whopping 178 amazing, incredible, awesome "with extra awesome sauce on top" projects linked up!
You, my fine friends, rock! And you rock a lot!

So how about some winners?
Drum roll please.
Please give it up (with all kinds of happy, happy, happy claps) for these five winners:

Check out that cool stenciled background! I just love how Chrissie's project pairs together super cute stamps with a super artsy, stenciled background. It makes for a fun combination. Be sure to check out her blog post. She even shared a video, showing how she made the background! 

How amazing is this card? Like super totally amazing, if you ask me. The gorgeous stenciled background, the beautiful color combo and the fantastic words make this card perfect in every way. High 5, Kimberly!

Cornelia (fun stamping)
Why does this card rock? Simple. Cornelia made her own stencil to create the vases! She simply die-cut the vases from a panel of cardstock and then used the leftover cardstock piece as a stencil. So clever! 

This is really fun! Piali set a stencil onto the white paper panel and sponged three different ink colors over it. Then she used a pen to doodle some additional designs. Such a great idea! High 5, Piali!

Donna Mikasa
I just love colorful paper Donna created here with a stencil. So beautiful, and so, so fun! Bravo, Donna!

Congrats, ladies! Please drop me a note at teriishere AT Gmail DOT com with your snail mail addy and the subject header "MFW Challenge Winner." I'll get you hooked up with your "I'm Moxie Fab" challenge wining badge and a Moxie Fab prize!

I could only pick 5 winners, but I also want to send some shout-outs to:

Tune in next week when I launch a brand new challenge!

Digging stencils and all of you,

PS... Wednesdays are a good day for winners!
The winner of the DIY - Birthday Muslin Bags kit from this post here is:  Jennie (4/7 at 10:16 a.m.). Congrats, Jennie!
Please drop me an email at teriishere AT Gmail DOT com with your snail mail addy. Please write "Moxie Fab Winner" in the subject line.

April 15, 2014

Oh My Moxie Fab!

Did you clap?
Come on.
Fess up.
We're all friends here,

April 14, 2014

Moxie Monday: Our Travels by Webster's Pages

Woot! It's Monday, and I have a fun collection to share with you today.
Say hello to the Our Travels collection from Webster's Pages.
This collection is a dreamy mix of fun and trendy deliciousness.
Care for a look-see? You know me, Moxie Fabbers. I'm happy to oblige.

(To see more of the Our Travels collection, go here.)

Like what you see? Well, I know some people. And they know some people. And somehow their people, and my people brought us together and the fine folks at Webster's Pages said that they'd love to give one of you one of a Our Travels Collection Pack. (Yay!) So leave a comment for me on this post by midnight EST on Sunday, April 20th. I'll pick one of you to win the Our Travels Collection Pack.

Hooray for Mondays (and Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays...),

April 11, 2014

A Story about a Bunny...

"There's a story quite funny,
About a toy bunny,

And the wonderful things she can do;
Every bright Easter morning,
Without warning,
She colors eggs, red, green, or blue.



Some she covers with spots,

Some with quaint little dots,

And some with strange mixed colors, too
-- Red and green, blue and yellow,

But each unlike his fellow
Are eggs of every hue.

And it's odd, as folks say,
That on no other day
In all of the whole year through,
Does this wonderful bunny,
So busy and funny,
Color eggs of every hue.

If this story you doubt
She will soon find you out,
And what do you think she will do?
On the next Easter morning
She'll bring you without warning,
Those eggs of every hue." 


- M. Josephine Todd

April 10, 2014

Creative Tours: Tiffany Johnson's Craft Closet

We meet again, my Moxie Fab friends!
I'm excited to bring something new today to Moxie Fab World.
Starting today, I'm periodically going to share with you the creative spots of Moxie Fabbers. That means you are going to see where real life Moxie Fabbers make stuff.
And today I'm delighted to have  Tiffany Johnson here to show you where she creates.
Tiffany is an incredible paper crafter and truly one of the kindest, most encouraging, big-hearted crafters I've ever met. And her creative space? Absolutely delightful. Just wait until you see it!

Tell me about you. Where are you from? Family? What do you do?
Hi, my name is Tiffany and I’m an Army wife and mama of 3 kiddos! Being an Army wife means making a house our home anytime and anywhere the Army tells us to go. Currently, we live in New Orleans, LA.

Tell me about your space. How big is it? How long have you had it? What types of crafts do you do in your space?
My Craft Closet is the 2nd walk-in closet in our master bedroom & it actually has a large window! It measures 6’ x 4 1/2’ and I’ve been creating everything from mixed-media to scrapbook pages and cards in it for 6 months now. I have my Cutterpillar Pro paper cutter and paper organization in my bedroom near the Craft Closet and I keep bins of supplies I don’t use that often downstairs in a separate closet. 

What's your favorite thing about your space?
I absolutely love the window in my Craft Closet. Not only do I have a nice view of the greenery surrounding the canal, but I also get some amazing lighting throughout the day.

Got a cool organization tip or two?
I picked up some small hair accessory hangers from the Target $1 Spot to hang my washi tapes and rolls of Lawn Fawn twine!

I also use a repurposed spinner spice rack to organize my buttons. 

On the wall above my craft mat, I keep clipboards of inspiring prints, the latest Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Call, my most-loved stencils, and an inspiring color palette. This system acts as my “mood board”!

Anything else you want to add?
As an Army Wife who moves every 18 months to 3 years, I needed a craft room system that can adapt to different kinds of rooms. That’s when I found the track shelving section in Lowe’s. I can always cut the shelves to fit my space like I have here or I can add shelves to accommodate bigger spaces. They are easy to put up and take down and they also travel well. This is the 4th house I’ve adapted my track shelving system to!

Link to your blog?

And that's a wrap! Thanks for giving us a tour of your space, Tiffany. 

Got a cool craft space? Leave a comment for me with a link to where I can check it out. You never know. You and your space just might end up being featured on Moxie Fab World.

Here's to cool creative spaces to make stuff in,

PS. Friday is the very last day to enter the Styling with Stencils Challenge! You will find all the details about challenge here

April 9, 2014

Oh My Moxie Fab!

Shine on. Shine on.


PS. Wednesdays are a good day for winners! 
The winner of the Shiny Happy Sentiments stamp set from this post here is: Robyn Oliver.
While the winner of a The Fine Print stamp set (from the same post) is: Tiffany Heilman.
The winner of the Hello You stamp set from this post here is: Julia Aston. 
Winners, please send your snail mail addresses to me at teriishere AT Gmail DOT com. Please write "Moxie Fab Winner" in the subject line. 

April 8, 2014

Oh My Moxie Fab!

Have a magical day, friends!


April 7, 2014

Moxie Monday: DIY Kits from SRM Stickers

Happy Monday, Moxie Fabbers!
Looking for help in planning your next party?
Enter the new DIY Kits from SRM Stickers. 

These craft kits make it easy to add a handmade touch to the next party you throw! From party favor bags for baby showers, graduation parties and birthdays to actual birthday party favors, SRM Stickers has come up with a full range of craft kits to help the party planner. These kits include stickers and other great SRM Press products, as well as project instructions. 
Let's take a look at them.

With the DIY Kits - Birthday Party Pencils in a Mason Jar kit, you get the supplies to make a jar with a bunch of cute pencils to give out as favors at a birthday party. 

I can think of some kids in my neighborhood that would go crazy for these!

And check this out. With the DIY Kits - Baby Shower Embossed Bag Favors kit, you make these quick and easy bags for party favors. 
Imagine putting a few treats for shower guests in these. 

With the DIY Kits - Princess Purse kit, you make 12 of these favor boxes. 

With the DIY Kits - Graduation Pillow Boxes kit, you make 12 clear party favor boxes.

And with the DIY Kits - Birthday Party Muslin Bags kit, you make 12 of these.
Talk about a time saver for party planning!

And don't think you have to use these kits as they come. You can step them up like Shelly Kurth did here with the DIY Kit - Birthday Muslin Bags kit by adding on a few additional stickers, embellishments and ribbon.

Fun, huh? To see more of the DIY Kits from SRM Stickers, go here

So how about a Moxie Monday giveaway? 
Leave a comment on this post, telling me what month your birthday falls in. I'll pick one of you to win a DIY Kit - Birthday Muslin Bags kit, courtesy of the good folks from SRM Stickers. (Thank you, SRM Stickers!) By the way, leave your comment by midnight EST on April 13th. 

Here's to Mondays and all of you,

PS. Today is the very last day to submit to projects for consideration in the upcoming Simple Scrapbooks Vol. 2 special issue from Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking magazine. Go here for the scoop on what types of projects the editors are looking for and how to submit. Good luck to those of you who give it a shot!